Raelee Wright
Owner, Event & Marketing manager

Raelee is the owner, along with her grandmother, as well as the event and marketing manager for Warren Place Event Spaces. Like her grandmother, she grew up in Gardner, attending Sunflower Elementary through the third grade before moving to Lenexa where she finished school. She attended Kansas State University, where she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega and studied psychology. In 2016, she returned to the area to work with her grandmother and bring to life Warren Place Event Spaces.

Connie Wright

Connie has deep roots in Gardner. She grew up here and has owned her business - National Association for Health Professionals in downtown Gardner - for over 30 years. A member of Beta Sigma Phi, she has been involved with a significant amount of local charity work. She has passed by what is now Warren Place Event Spaces every day and in the years that it has sat vacant, she has dreamed about what the property could become.

Connie grew up a block away from the Chapel when it stood alone, without the rectory or hall. Every day she passed it on her way to school. As she is not Catholic, she had no idea what went on there. At ten years old a friend of hers invited her to attend a service; that was her first time setting foot in the church. She remembers to this day which pew they sat in. At the time, she was so nervous she didn’t remove her coat. She overheated and passed out, disrupting the service.

Connie has a strong vision for this space - created for weddings, showers, reunions, and countless happy gatherings - and knows it will be a lasting addition to the community, built for the people of Gardner.